Manual Clutch
Steel Frame
Rugged 80cc Engine
Easy Kickstarting
Pro-Link® Rear Suspension
Keyed Ignition Switch


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Meet the new standard in off-road fun.

When you hit the trails, you don’t want anything to slow you down. That’s why our CRF80F is built to be virtually trouble-free. From the reliable four-stroke engine and heavy-duty clutch, to the rugged steel frame and long-lasting tires, this bike is designed to deliver precisely what you’re looking for: fun.

  • Manual Clutch

    • Honda's heavy-duty clutch is smooth-shifting and durable
    • Five-speed transmission provides optimal gearing
  • Pro-Link® Rear Suspension

    • Progressive linkage connects a single shock to the swingarm
    • Delivers an excellent combination of spring and damping rates over a wide range of riding conditions
  • Primary Kickstarting

    • No hunting for neutral—you can start it in any gear
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