It’s all grown up. Almost.

If you’re looking for a flawless off-roader, look no further. Because the CRF100F has the perfect size and the perfect amount of power for a wide range of riders. The 99cc engine, Pro-Link® suspension and smooth-shifting five-speed transmission help build confidence and skill on the trail. While the low weight and seat height make it both easy to handle and fun to ride. And then there’s the legendary Honda reliability — the CRF100F is virtually trouble—free, so your outdoor adventures go uninterrupted.

Perfect size. Perfect performance. Perfect bike. The CRF100F from Honda.

Be A Responsible Rider: All parents need to consider their youngsters' age, size, ability and maturity before allowing them to ride. Obtain a copy of "Off-Road Safety Tips" from your local Honda Dealer.

  • Hard At Play.

    Hard At Play.

    Honda’s 99cc hassle-free four-stroke engine is central to
    what makes this bike so fun. It’s tough. It’s dependable.
    And it keeps the fun going ‘til the sun goes down.

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  • Start Smart.

    Start Smart.

    The CRF100F is the starting point for so many new riders, thanks to its manageable size and power. But before you kick it into gear, you should make sure you know the bike, know yourself, and know the sport.

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  • Forged Of Steel.

    Forged Of Steel.

    Honda’s CRFs have a reputation for toughness. And it all starts with our lightweight steel frame. It’s geometrically shaped for proper weight distribution, while delivering the power off-roading demands.

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  • Honda Protection Plans

    Maintain genuine Honda protection for your CRF100F.
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