Halogen Headlights
Digital Instrumentation
12-Spoke Cast Wheels
Stepped Two-Piece Seat
Steel-Tube Frame
DOHC Parallel-Twin-Cylinder Engine
Anti-Lock Brakes
Supersport Styling
Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Disc Brakes
Rear Passenger Grips
Stainless Steel Exhaust


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The CBR500R features a brand-new engine and chassis. Like the machines that made Honda famous throughout the U.S., its two-cylinder parallel-twin layout provides a wide powerband and plenty of torque, while a counterbalance keeps things running smooth. Special touches like the CBR500R sport seating position, lower handlebars and minimal bodywork make it a great choice for someone who likes the lithe, athletic touches of a sportbike but wants something more versatile than a race replica.

  • Dual-Stage Fuel Injection

    • Two sets of injectors per cylinder for both low- and high-rpm performance.
    • Instantaneous high-rpm response, along with great low-rpm metering and clean running.
  • HESD

  • Ram Air

    • Ram air ducts mounted under fairing's chin help boost performance as your speed increases.
  • Combined Anti-Lock Braking (C-ABS)

    • All-new, electronically controlled Combined ABS distributes brake force over both wheels, helping to maintain braking confidence in less than ideal conditions.
    • Electronic measurement of rider input on each brake lever permits application of only the front or rear brake in some cases, while the system combines both brakes in others.