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It’s hard to improve on a machine that’s already as good as Honda’s incredible CBR1000RR. You can build a faster bike or one with more power, but probably nothing that combines power, handling, riding quality, and overall build quality to the degree this versatile open-class sportbike does.

And that’s a huge issue. Riders everywhere are rediscovering the fact that they want a motorcycle that sets high standards, but sets them in a balanced way. CBR riders have known that for decades. And they know another secret: a better balanced bike can actually be faster than one with just a lot of power.

This year we’re again offering the CBR1000RR in two versions, one with Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS), the first ever on a production Superbike.

  • Honda Electronic Steering Damper

    Honda Electronic Steering Damper

    The compact second-generation HESD helps maintain predictable high-speed handling and low-speed maneuverability. Way more sophisticated than a simple fixed-rate damper, it’s one of the keys to the CBR1000RR’s extraordinary handling.

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  • LCD Instrumentation.

    LCD Instrumentation.

    The CBR1000RR’s full-screen LCD instrumentation includes a lap timer, trip and fuel-consumption computer, five-level customizable shift indicator, gear-position indicator and peak-rpm memory function.

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  • Combined ABS Brakes.

    Combined ABS Brakes.

    The CBR1000RR’s Combined ABS (C-ABS) system is the first of its kind on a Superbike. Even the most critical motorcycle testers rave about how well it works. Find out what the experts have to say about this revolutionary feature.

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  • Your Honda Awaits

    Your Honda Awaits

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