1237cc V4 Engine (Updated for 2012)
Differential Cylinder Bank Layout
Throttle By Wire
Slipper Clutch
Low-Centerline Driveshaft
Layered Concept Fairing
Exhaust System
Combined Braking System w/ ABS
Combined Braking System w/ ABS
Dual-Clutch Transmission (Updated for 2012)
Traction Control
Increased Fuel Capacity
More Comfortable Seating
Trip Computer


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The revolution has started.

From CRF/Rs to CBRs to ATVs, Honda is legendary for its innovative, breakthrough engineering and design. And nowhere is this forward-thinking stamp more indelible than on the VFR1200F, a showcase of technological advancement that, from its inception, had but one objective in mind: to create the most complete and perfect sport riding experience ever. From nose to tail, from ergonomics to engine size to exhaust placement to bodywork design, there’s no other machine like it. Which, of course, is exactly what you’d expect from a Honda.