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Revolutionary? Radical? Honda’s incredible VFR1200F is all that, and much more. The list of innovative technology is endless, and there’s even more this year since the 2012 VFR1200F showcases some significant upgrades, improvements and innovations. The super-compact Unicam® design 1237cc V4 engine is fueled by Honda’s Throttle By Wire system, and this year offers more torque and more range. There’s even a new Traction Control system. Together with Honda’s Combined Braking with ABS, this makes the VFR one of the most feature packed bikes out there.

But perhaps most striking of all is the available game-changing six-speed Honda Dual-Clutch Transmission: featuring your choice of changing gears with a pair of F1-style paddle shifters or letting the bike shift itself in either of two riding modes. It’s a feature that has completely blown away even the most cynical magazine test rider. And for 2012 it’s even better, with revised software to optimize the shift points depending on an individual rider’s inputs and riding style. Or, if you prefer, there’s also a second version of the VFR1200F equipped with a conventional six-speed gearbox and a slipper clutch.

  • The Power Of Four

    The Power Of Four

    Arguably one of the most advanced streetbike powerplants ever, the VFR1200F’s 1237cc Unicam-head V4 is state-of-the-art engine from top to bottom end. For 2012 it puts out even more low-end torque.

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  • Dual-Clutch Transmission

    Dual-Clutch Transmission

    Shift gears with a simple flick of your left finger or thumb? That’s just one of the modes on the VFR1200F’s incredible new dual-clutch transmission (optional). Upgraded software for 2012 makes it even better by optimizing the shift points depending on an individual rider’s inputs and riding style.

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  • High-Performance Art

    High-Performance Art

    The VFR1200F’s layered concept fairing offers a smooth, unified, fastener-free surface right off the MotoGP circuit. Never have aerodynamics and aesthetics worked so well together.

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    Ride Red. Save Green.

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