Automatic Transmission
Adjustable Throttle Limiter
Sturdy Steel Frame
Four-Stroke Engine
Low Seat Height


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Honda quality means less frustration.

New riders are tough on machinery, yet year after year Honda's CRF70F comes through with flying colors. And to keep it running flawlessly, it's loaded with features like a maintenance-free CD ignition, automatic cam-chain tensioner and proven Honda engineering and build quality.

  • Automatic Clutch

    • There's no clutch for young riders to master, and that means no stalling.
    • The smooth transmission offers three gear ratios.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame

    • Steel frame is fatigue resistant for years of dependable service.
    • Built tough to handle the dings and stresses of off-road use.
  • Four-Stroke Engine

    • Four-stroke single-cylinder engine offers good fuel economy and a wide powerband.
    • The CRF70F's proven powerplant requires very little maintenance.
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