Single-Cylinder Engine
Counterbalance Shaft
Fuel Injection
Layered Style Fairing
Disc Brakes
Pro-Link® Rear Suspension
Low Seat Height
Passenger Ready
Combined Anti-lock Brake System
Analog/Digital Instrumentation
Underseat Storage


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A Difference You Can Notice.

The right balance of beginner-friendly features and the typical Honda refinement that seasoned riders will appreciate is exactly what the new CBR250R offers. Light weight, superb handling, excellent power and the unmatched build quality and attention to detail—combine all that with Honda's famous reliability and it makes the new CBR250R the coolest ride on the road.

  • Dual-Stage Fuel Injection

    • Two sets of injectors per cylinder for both low- and high-rpm performance.
    • Instantaneous high-rpm response, along with great low-rpm metering and clean running.
  • HESD

  • Ram Air

    • Ram air ducts mounted under fairing's chin help boost performance as your speed increases.
  • Combined Anti-Lock Braking (C-ABS)

    • All-new, electronically controlled Combined ABS distributes brake force over both wheels, helping to maintain braking confidence in less than ideal conditions.
    • Electronic measurement of rider input on each brake lever permits application of only the front or rear brake in some cases, while the system combines both brakes in others.