Automatic Transmission
Adjustable Throttle Limiter
Sturdy Steel Frame
Four-Stroke Engine


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Details that Make a Difference.

The automatic clutch not only makes riding easier, but can handle youth-induced abuse. Other features like its maintenance-free CD ignition, automatic cam-chain tensioner, rugged steel frame and tough bodywork make the CRF70F less hassle for you. And finally, the keyed ignition lets you decide who rides, and when.

  • Automatic Clutch

    • There's no clutch for young riders to master, and that means no stalling.
    • The smooth transmission offers three gear ratios.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame

    • Steel frame is fatigue resistant for years of dependable service.
    • Built tough to handle the dings and stresses of off-road use.
  • Four-Stroke Engine

    • Four-stroke single-cylinder engine offers good fuel economy and a wide powerband.
    • The CRF70F's proven powerplant requires very little maintenance.
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