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You have to consider two things when you choose a motorcycle for your youth rider: Their size and skill. It’s built to build confidence, and features the same durable engine design, and smooth power as the CRF50F, so it feels right and rides right. And a very important point: it also uses the same three-speed semi-automatic transmission so there’s no clutch to worry about. Just a little bit bigger for bigger riders, the CRF70F is also built to last.

Important Safety Information

Parents need to consider their youngster’s age, size, ability and maturity before allowing them to ride. Designed exclusively for off-road operator-only use. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing whenever you ride. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Always obtain written permission before riding on private land. Whenever you ride off-road, follow the “Tread Lightly” guidelines, and always keep on established trails in approved riding areas. Use common sense, keep your riding area clean, respect the rights of others when you ride, and never modify your motorcycle’s silencer, exhaust system, or spark arrestor.

  • Plenty of Four-Stroke Power.

    Plenty of Four-Stroke Power.

    Easy-to-use power and amazing durability—that’s what a four-stroke Honda engine brings to the party. It’s the best of both worlds for a beginning rider on the CRF70F.

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  • Low=Good.


    The CFR70F’s low seat height helps build rider confidence. So does the light weight and easy-to-use three-speed semi-automatic transmission.

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  • No Clutch, No Worries.

    No Clutch, No Worries.

    With our proven semi-automatic transmission, riders can concentrate on shifting gears without worrying about clutch-induced stalling.

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